Altitude tent rental service

Discover and experience the benefits of altitude training yourself. Our rental service is the best option for an extended altitude training camp at home.

  • Safe money

    Most economical way of altitude training

  • Relax

    All the comfort at home

  • Succeed

    Become a winner like never before

Our rental altitude tents are super handy. They make it possible to follow a “Sleep high, Train low” training program right at home.

Are you living in Belgium or The Netherlands? Make your reservation below!

Tent and mask system

The Hood Tent is designed to create an hypoxic environment that is restricted to the head and shoulders region. This relatively small volume leads to a higher rate of air change than full bed tent systems and as a result reduces CO2 and humidity levels. The rest of the body can then benefit from fans or air conditioning in the room. The Hood Tent is large enough to allow the user to sit up in bed to read, watch TV or use a laptop or tablet. The tent can be neatly folded away when not in use for the users convenience.  The base of the Hood Tent also allows two people to share the same double bed. One person can choose to sleep outside of the tent if he or she desires.

The tent comes with the Cloud 9 altitude generator. This quiet and powerful generator delivers altitude between 2,500 and 3,250 meters.

The Cloud 9 altitude generator can also be combined with a mask system for hypoxic training sessions. The mask system is to be ordered separately at €20 for the complete rental period.

Hood Tent

Pricing and reservation

Our altitude tent rental service only applies in Belgium and The Netherlands. The minimal rental period is 3 weeks.

  • Altitude Tent
  • Additional Mask
  • €110
  • €30
  • Per week
  • Per rental period

What’s included?

  • Altitude tent

    The Altitude Tent comes with the Hood Tent for 1 or 2 persons, the altitude generator which brings you up to 2500 to 3250m above sea level, 3 meters of air hoses and a reservoir bag for a smooth air flow.

  • Installation

    We bring the altitude system to your home, install it and pick it up after the rental period. Simple and convenient.

  • Ear plugs

    Although this is one of the quietest altitude generators on the market, you have to count with some noise, approximately 50dB. With ear plugs however, you won’t notice a thing.

  • Optional mask system

    If you want to use the altitude system for high altitude training, you can reserve the Mask System additionally.

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