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5 Ways to Recover like a Pro Athlete

Recovery is the key to great performances. Therefore we have summarized 5 ways to recover like a pro athlete.

Quality of recovery influences the effect of training. It has impact on how much you improve after each training. Speed of recovery determines how much time you need before you can start your next training session. This means with better recovery you can do more training sessions and get greater benefit of each single session.

The life of an athlete is a balance between training and recovery. Besides executing a clever training plan, an athlete has to focus 100% on recovery. With great recovery comes increased training volume, increased fitness and improved performance, but also a reduced risk for injuries and illness.

Follow the next steps to recover like a Pro Athlete!

1. Drink Recovery Shakes

Drink a recovery shake within 30 minutes after the end of your training or race. Since straight after an effort your body is most ready to absorb all the nutrients, it’s important to wait no longer. Furthermore, your body can start to recover straight away. A recovery shake contains carbohydrates, vitamins and most importantly, proteins. Protein repairs  muscle damage, reduces the response from the stress hormone cortisol and even helps glycogen replacement, the goal of taking in carbohydrates. Last but not least a recovery shake will also help you to hydrate again.

Pro cyclist Marcel Kittel drinking a recovery shake of their sponsor Etixx.

2. Use Recovery Boots

Use recovery boots daily. Recovery boots can be compared with professional sport massage. Due to the dynamic pressure, blood flow throughout your legs will increase. Hence lactate will be removed much quicker and essential nutrients are easily supplied to your damaged muscles. These effects improve your muscle recovery after training and competition.

Joe Friel - The training bible

“The only thing I’ve found that seems to have a significant impact on speeding up my recovery from hard workouts is Recovery Boots.”

Daily use of recovery boots can help you to increase your training volume, improve your performance and reduce the risk of injuries. The system is used by professional athletes all over the world.

The LX7 Recovery Boots are one of the best systems on the market.

Pro cyclist Jurgen Van den Broeck using the LX7 Recovery Boots.

LX7 Recovery Boots

3. Sleep to recover like a Pro Athlete

Sleep! Sleep plays a major role in athletic performance and competitive results. The quality and amount of sleep athletes get is therefore often the key to success.

Roger Federer

“If I don’t sleep 11-12 hours a day, it’s not right.”

During your deepest sleep your blood pressure drops and breathing gets slower. Consequentially muscles will relax while the blood supply increases. In this period also hormones are released. One of them is the growth hormone, which is essential for muscle recovery. In addition, your deepest sleep alternates with the REM sleep. This is when you are dreaming.  The REM sleep provides energy to brain and supports daytime performance, which is especially relevant before competition.

4. Get rolled with the Hyperice Vyper

Use a foam roller to get flexible muscles. With foam rolling stiff muscles and trigger points get loosened after hard trainings and though competitions. Yet the Hyperice Vyper increases the effectiveness of foam rolling by adding vibration. You get a much more intensive and throughout massage. This ensures both your muscles to release tension and your blood flow to increase, making it a perfect tool for accelerated recovery and injury avoidance.

NBA Player Blake Griffin using the Hyperice Vyper for recovery.

Recover like a pro

5. Take an ice bath

Get into the cold water! Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy constricts blood vessels and decreases metabolic activity, which reduces inflammation and muscle breakdown. Once you get out of the cold water, your muscles warm up again. This causes an increased blood flow, which helps to remove the waste products in your muscles. No ice cold river in your neighborhood? I cold shower can have the exact same effect! Remember, it’s not always fun to recover like a pro athlete.

Olympic champion Mo Farah taking an ice bath in a river.

Now it’s time to get your training done and recover like a pro athlete!

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