The best performance and recovery gear!

Whether you are a professional athlete, passionate amateur, demanding coach, physio or team official. You know it takes talent, dedication and a lot of guts to make it to the top. CHASINGTARGETS’ mission is to offer the essential gear to reach that ultimate goal.

You’ve come to the right place to find the best performance and recovery gear. CHASINGTARGETS offers products and tools to bring you one step closer to the top.

The Vyper is such a product that makes a huge difference in pushing your limits. This vibrating foam roller is unmatched in getting rid of stiff muscles and trigger points, making it a “must have” for accelerated recovery and injury prevention.

Our LX7 recovery boots are perfect if you want the optimal conditions for recovery. Faster recovery reduces muscle fatigue and enables your training volume to increase.

With our technical socks from CEP Sports, we offer the best compression gear on the market for performance and recovery.


Runners World Hypersphere “Hypersphere and Vyper take foam rolling to the next level”

Runner’s World is very enthusiast about the Hyperice Vyper and Hypersphere: “These are the Hyperice Hypersphere and Hyperice Vyper recovery tools. These two products are taking foam rolling to the next level with built-in motors to help out those tired muscles. On both of these, the lowest speed is more of a gentle virbration, loosening up the muscles. The […]

LX7 Recovery Boots

5 Ways to Recover like a Pro Athlete

Recovery is the key to great performances. Therefore we have summarized 5 ways to recover like a pro athlete. Quality of recovery influences the effect of training. It has impact on how much you improve after each training. Speed of recovery determines how much time you need before you can start your next training session. This means with […]